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The Consortium of English-language CEGEPs, Colleges and Universities of Quebec is an alliance of nine post-secondary institutions in Quebec working together to create employment opportunities and retain graduates from English-language institutions.

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Through research and collaboration, the Consortium works to understand the the reasons why many English-speaking Quebecers emigrate after graduation from post-secondary education. It also seeks to identify opportunities for them while they are studying and for graduates who wish to remain in the province as they prepare to enter the workforce.

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May 31 - June 1

Unlocking Potential: Creating Opportunities for Quebec’s Workforce

Anglos in the civil service

Opinion: Quebec’s leaders put policy agenda ahead of student success

Who we are


To strengthen research and institutional capacity related to the retention, employment and success of English-speaking graduates from post-secondary institutions in Quebec.


To leverage our resources in support of the retention, employment and success of graduates from our English-language CEGEPs, colleges and universities in Quebec.


We are committed to advancing our longstanding contributions to Quebec by building pathways to rewarding career opportunities for post-secondary graduates here in our province.